12 Easy Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Traditional and best Thanksgiving decorations for your home and porch that will be chic and express your style.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

When I think back to the warm memories of Thanksgiving growing up I can smell the gravy my grandmother made, the warm Pumpkin Pie, and the garlic wofting out of her kitchen.

Every year we as adults try to recreate the magic and warmth of those happy memories when our families joined together for the Holidays.

Even though there is no proof the first Thanksgiving meal included turkey, or potatoes at all, some new traditions are comforting. Not everyone enjoys a good oyster, or fish that was more likely eaten at the first joint meal of two cultures on this wild land now called America.

I want to give a tribute to those kind, trusting, neighbors, the Native Americans to the Pilgrims. Did you know Thanksgiving was a fall festival tradition celebrated in Great Britain since pre-Christian times. The English pilgrims at Plymouth Rock’s first Thanksgiving were simply carrying on their cultural norms they were accustomed with, sharing it with the Native Americans.

Now on to the good part!

We should talk color schemes to begin. The Natural organic Earth tones colors are what is most appealing to us now a days. The softer greens, warm woods and straw colors white clean white, soft orange, and pops of gold are in this season. And with the black and white decor being so popular, don’t forget to include black as your anchor in your decor. If you do not like black, cranberry is another darker grounding color you can use.

Thanksgiving Table decor and photos by EnglishIvyLaneShop

1. Organic placemats

Are the foundation for the Thanksgiving dinner’s center piece and decor! A layer of at least 3 amplifies the visual effect and elevates your tables vibes from simple to elegant.

The textures can be simple, yet the layering brings a magnificent touch to your decor.

The base can be an organic texture such as a round wood placemat or burlap.

The second layer should be a charger, that is a plate that is unintended for dining on and is a few inches larger than your plate. A white or gold color is recommended.

The third layer should be the dining bowl or plate in a contrasting color, either black or white.

Get these before Thanksgiving if ordered before Nov. 17 2021. on Amazon

Oh & for finishing touch details place the napkin on top or to the side of the plate, and place a wooden carved gratitude affirmations on the plate. These are a perfect detail to continue the organic textures and add a heart felt touch to the decor. (If your plate or napkin is white and you wish for contrast, spray paint the wood affirmations black.)

2. Thankful Table Garland

Slide 1: Jess Oakes Blog Slide 2: Lights4fun Shop Slide 3: Garland by EnglishIvyLaneShop

Table Garland is the fastest way to add depth, interest and dimension to your Thanksgiving Table Decor that will start the conversation rolling with compliments and inquiries.

You can get creative and make it out of Eucalyptus leaf branches (faux), or dried fall leaves, pinecones, and little berries and pumpkins.

Place it down over your…

3. Thanksgiving Table Runner

Fancy Farm Girls

This again should be an organic material, either cotton or burlap for the most fall appealing texture. Colors to use that would be the most complimentary would be natural burlap, white, or soft orange.

4. Thanksgiving Centerpiece

All of the previous items all set the stage for your ultimate conversation starter, the centerpiece. In design, every space needs a focal point to shine bright and look beautiful. The centerpiece is your focal point.

Slide 1: TBDesigner Slide 2: EnglishIvyLaneShop Slide 3-5: DIY to Make Slide 6: Elegant on Front Porch

The skies the limit with your creativity when it comes to the centerpiece. Some elegant solutions are shown in the pictures above.

A large pumpkin with greenery underneath and twinkly lights.

Candles in the center adds so much cozy warmth. Make sure they are high enough or in a glass hurricane (last slide).

A bowl or cake stand with pumpkins and flowers accented with twinkle lights elevates the elements.

Showing true gratitude for your abundance is to place oranges and a wood bowl with pinecones and magnolia leaves.

The beauty of white roses can be appreciated in any decoration, mixed with Eucalyptus and wheat showcases them in a fall decor.

Carving out a pumpkin and placing a bouquet of mums, roses, or any of your favorite flowers is a beautiful centerpiece you will receive many compliments on.

5. Printable food labels / guest labels.

Easy Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations

The most personal and caring detail to your decorations is showing your family and guests that you considered them. What better way to do so, than to share with a personalized place card. Download your printable template place card here.

(In return, feel free to sign up for updates when I release the next blog.)

Free Guest Name Place Cards

A beautiful food label card adds that detail that you have carefully planned the meal out for your family and guests. Download your printable template food label cards here.

Free food place card template

6. Thanksgiving Upgraded Napkins

A simple way to elevate your Thanksgiving is to bring out the fabric napkins. It is another graceful way to decorate the table, and provide a soft functional element for messes.

Slide 1: Food 52 Slide 2: Harvest Hemstitch Slide 3: photo cred. Amazon

Slide 4: photo cred: Easy Last Minute thanksgiving Decor Slide 5: Harvest Wheat Thanksgiving Napkin

7. Thanksgiving Metallic Napkin Rings

You may place your napkins in a multiple of places.

  1. Folded in thirds placed under the charger hanging down the edge of the table.
  2. Folded flat and placed on the plate.
  3. or…

You can use metallic napkin rings.

Slide 1: Gold napkin ring PB Slide 2: Polar Berry Napkin ring C Slide 3: Dainty Napkin Ring C

8. Thanksgiving Pumpkin on Gold Pedestals

Replace candles on pedestals with elegant decorative pumpkins.

Leaf Vine Pumpkins GrandinRoad

9. Thankful burlap pillows

An easy way to transform a space is to change up the throw pillows. And these pillows will remind you to be grateful the whole year round.

Porter Lane Pillow and decor

10. Gold embellished pinecones

Nothing is better than bringing the outside nature inside and adding bling to them. The texture, and dimension adds complexity to your decor.

The Craft Train

11. Chrysanthe”mums” flowers

With a variety of colors chrysanthemums are the classic fall flower to uplift your garden, home, and decor.

Fall decorating with mums
Fall table decor with mums

12. Thanksgiving Gathering

In California, Thanksgiving is warm enough weather to enjoy in our outdoor living spaces. To make it feel cozy add sweater knit throw pillows, soft fury or chunky throws, and add in amber accents with candles.

Enjoying apple cider, and whiskey around the fireplace is certainly a warm memory builder.

The Fall LookBook

No matter how prepared you feel for Thanksgiving, we can all agree that chunky throws, white, gold, and warm tones added to the neutral base is a cozy way to set the tone for family gatherings in your home.

You will be ready to enjoy cheese platters on wood trays, wine with name tags or better yet dry erase marker.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The elegance we experience is in how we feel in our homes. When you are happy, and do not sacrifice, you will elevate your energy, and your home to enjoy as your Sanctuary.

Don’t forget to take pictures and post them to your Social Media. If we inspired you, tag us @sanctuary.oc.interiors so we can see how you have created your own sanctuary for the holidays.

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