Why A Walk-in Shower vs Bathtub Benefits Your Life

When it comes to what to do with your bathroom remodel, the huge debate is, “Remove the bath or not?” In this blog we will share the benefits of a walk-in shower vs a bathtub.

Real estate professionals typically suggest that homeowners have at least one bathtub in the home for the highest resale value: a 2013 study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found that 51 percent of home buyers prefer a master bath with a bathtub and a shower as opposed to just a shower stall.

However in fact, the Houzz 2020 Bathroom Trends Update suggests that bathtubs are leaving master bathrooms more than ever before. Houzz researchers found that half of renovated master bathrooms no longer have a bathtub.

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

In addition to those trends, as I shared in a recent blog, the focus this year is more on the bathroom suites and spa aesthetics. You can read 10 Need to Know Interior Design Trends for 2022 blog here. And with this new trend on the rise, a walk-in shower lends itself for luxury suite experience with added details and aromatherapy, you will create an at home spa.

However, with such a split opinion still over walk-in shower vs bath, I believe the future will hold the focus of people evaluating what is important to them, and that percentage will shift to a higher percentage of homeowners not including more than one bath in their home for the following reasons.

1. Walk-in Shower Contributes to Water Conservation

Climate control, eco friendly, energy saving, and water conservation are high on the consumers mind, not only for their bills, but for the future of the planet. The next generations are more Earth conscious than ever before and it will continue to evolve that direction. So converting from a tub to shower is conserving water, and for most, is a deciding factor in removing the bath from their master bathroom.

The average bath uses 35 to 50 gallons of water, whereas a 10-minute shower with a low-flow showerhead only uses 25 gallons. –


So you can see that showers use less water than baths. And additionally you can install a low flow shower-head and save more gallons per minute. Here are some other tips to conserve water while you bathe.

  1. Install water sense shower head
  2. Lessen shower time
  3. Turn off water while shaving
  4. Don’t leave shower running (other than to wait for the warm water to arrive)
  5. Check for leaks
  6. Install Water Aerators
  7. Hang bath towels to dry and wash towels once a week.
Kohler Lux Stone is our favorite unconventional material to make your life easier! It’s easy to clean, super slick design, and very fast to install.

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2. Walk-in Shower is Safer than a Bathtub

Do you have trouble stepping into your tub or shower?

You feel this may not be a point for you, however, 80% of falls in adults over age 65 are in the bathroom. It would be unwise to assume you will be immune to the accidents that are never expected or planned.

1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 will fall this year. And out of the 80% in the bathroom 1 in 5 falls cause serious injury. In addition, falling once doubles their chances of falling again. So it’s safe to say that bath tubs that require you to step over to get in is a great option to have in a hall bathroom where the younger children and young adults will use. Convert your master tub to a shower, and install a low threshold or barrier free shower for safety, and for a more modern look that resembles a spa. Which in all honesty, is always a trend that we all wish to attain in our sanctuaries. Who wouldn’t want Burke Williams vibes in their bathroom???

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📼View the clip above and share it to your stories to spread awareness of the safety of a shower versus a tub. (An IG REEL Version is HERE)

Other ways to ensure you and your loved ones are safe in their shower is, if necessary, installing safety bars at the entrance and back of the shower. Installing a bench for sitting is a must, but we will get to that a little farther down in how luxurious features can be added to a shower and not a bath.

3. Showers Save You Time

I think we all can agree that taking a shower, on average saves you time. A bath is something you do for relaxation where time has no limit. A good long soak in the bath makes all that water you just used worth while.

However, it’s not everyday that we have that much time. We are all looking for ways to save time, be more efficient so we have more time to take kids to school, check our emails, get to work, work, eat, do our errands, have a breather to watch our favorite Netflix, or a read a book all before taking the kids to bed. Oh wait! don’t forget to get a work out in.

See! We have so many things to do in the the little time in the day, so improving your bathroom with a tub to shower conversion is a win-win.

Here are some timesaving hacks for you in your new shower!
Barrier Free Shower designed by OCSIB

Here are some timesaving hacks for you in your new shower!

  • Time it to a 6 minute music playlist and rock out
  • After shampooing, condition and do everything else before rinsing
  • Don’t brush your teeth in shower
  • Wash your hair every other day
  • Turn off water while you shave
  • Turn down temperature if it’s too hard to get out

Time is money, they say, and with a tub to shower conversion you can save that time and money.

4. Walk-in Shower is a Streamline Look

Showers provide a streamline look in your bathroom, either its a low barrier or barrier free design. The look opens up the room. It gives it the illusion that it is all one floor and makes the bathroom look bigger.

If it’s one element in design we hear most is “How do I make this room look bigger?” Or we hear, “It feels so cramped.”

With a shower you can continue the color or tile from the main walls into the shower walls. There is no hard stop, it just seamlessly blends together making it impressive and beautiful.

5. Walk-in Showers Provide Luxury Features

In 2022 Spa Aesthetics and luxury will be implemented in the bathroom designs. It’s no wonder then, that showers lend for a full range of luxury features far beyond what a bath can provide.

Oversized & Custom

With a shower, especially a tiled shower, the size can be oversized and not constrained to the standard size of the tub in its base. You want an extra large shower with his and hers faucets?

A shower can accommodate.

Extra large shower Photo by Curtis Adams on Pexels.com

Bench feature

With a tub shower combination system there is no room for a place to sit. With this spa oasis idea, a bench lends itself for you to relax in the steam of your shower.

Also, activities such as shaving your legs can get very precarious, let alone dangerous. And as you age you will wish for or need a place to sit to wash.

With a shower you can customize your bench in any placement. :

  • In a corner is best for small spaces.
  • On a short wall (as pictured above) for more walking room
  • On the long wall (shown below) for seating and walking room based on the door placement.

When you are not limited to a tub you can add this must have feature.

Bench on long wall for ample seating and room to stand near the faucet. designed by OCSIB

If you want a ledge specifically for shaving you can also install a foot pedestal which is 6″ – 10″ up from the floor.

Safety bars

Though you may not define these as luxury, safety bars can be installed in whichever finish your fixtures are in so you can bathe gracefully as you age.

Lux Stone Shower with matching grab bars

Low threshold

This luxury feature truly allows your bathroom to exude a spa like feel where there is no beginning or end to the shower and wash room. Especially if you tile the entire wall so there is no drywall to tile transition.

This is a high end design and luxury feature that is sure to increase your home value as newer designs include 3″ thresholds or 0″ as a barrier free threshold.

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com
Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

That concludes our blog on why walk-in showers versus bathtubs can benefit your healthy and life. As one matures in age, it becomes a must and it is such a popular choice in the home improvement realm.

We wish you a smooth and stress free project.

What feature is your favorite? Comment below.

(ours is the barrier free feature)

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Tiffany Nguyen is a mom of two, business partner with her husband, and Interior Designer at OC Sanctuary Interior Design & Bath. As a homeowner she understands the importance of keeping your investment in good condition. She loves Coastal Farmhouse Chic style, writing about home renovation and interior design, and living a family oriented, healthy, and grateful life.

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