How to Design Nature, The Color Trends of 2022, in Your Home

During a time where life is stressful, and with a pandemic making some of us hyper aware of our surroundings. As a result, most of us spend a lot more time in our homes. It’s no wonder the colors announced for 2022 are nature inspired. The majority of the major paint companies announced their color of the year in 2022 is some shade of sage green.

As romantic as this ideas sounds, and with the paint companies’ staged photos looking amazing, I’m sure you may be thinking, Sure they can do it, but how do I in my own home? Today I will share with you what those specific colors are and how to incorporate green paint in your home decor. I briefly listed our top 6 favorite trending paint colors in a previous blog called, 10 Need to Know Interior Design Trends for 2022. If you missed the blog, you can read it here. Pros and bloggers everywhere agree that among the landscape of white and beige, the warmth of these trending colors are worth becoming smitten over.

Paint can full of light green paint with paint brush dipped in green paint resting on edge.
Green is the color of the year of 2022.

The following are ways how to incorporate nature, and the color trends of 2022, in your home, and why I believe you should fall head over heels for these paint colors.

1. They are Stunning on Cabinets

In addition to green, I will also share how to use the other earth tones in the color palette chosen for 2022. Once you view these colors there is no doubt about how gorgeous they are. They are warm, natural, and earthy. They remind you of a long walk through the forest and mammoth clay cliffs that rise towards the skies. These nature colors are sure to inspire you to tackle at least one paint project.

Incorporating the interior design trend of painting your walls white and installing painted cabinets into your kitchen or bathroom, lends for a perfect opportunity for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to shine.

video preview
Click to watch video on Sherwin Williams website.

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams is the color of January, and first in the color palette to start the year. Its cozy feels in the home will allow you to slow down, feel safe, and enjoy the precious moments.

I know it may be scary, and seem bold to paint your cabinets a color other than neutral, however I believe you can make the plunge from white cabinets to painted Evergreen Fog cabinets. Painted cabinets are trending for practical reasons. Paint is easy to touch up once the wear and tear starts to show on your cabinets that are used daily. This is contrary to how stained wood cabinets wear, because in the long run in order to restore stained cabinets it requires sanding and re-staining the whole door.

If painting your entire kitchen in green seems too much of a trend and you do not wish to repaint your kitchen in the near future, then I recommend painting a peninsula, or island green, and the main cabinets the grey or white, or a natural stain of your preference. While green exists as a pop of color in modern paint, in nature it truly is a neutral. So if your goal is to bring nature into your home, green is the answer.

Read 10 Gorgeous Green Paints for Kitchen Islands and Cabinets by Bryan Anthony Houzz Editorial Staff photo by Lugbill Designs click to save to your Houzz folder
Cofounders of Orange County Sanctuary Interior Design & Bath

All the Spa Feels in a Bathroom

Green is not just limited to bringing life into a kitchen, it is lovely in a bathroom as well. Another trend of 2022 is spa aesthetics in the bathroom, and this sage green is perfect for that. It can be painted on a vanity, on the walls, or on wood paneling in the bathroom.

This is a lovely design by Rejuvination, who happens to be one of my favorite sources to find lighting. This clever, out of the box design keeps the walls neutral in the beautiful white, while the molding and wood paneling shines in the Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog color.

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog from Rejuvination blog
photo credit: Instagram @rockycanyonrustic from The blog

2. Color in a Dining Room

A New Renaissance is Here

I love Dunn-Edwards Arts and Crafts color. It is a warm spice tone mixed with the browns of the classical Arts and Crafts movement. It’s like a warm blanket on a bedroom wall, and inviting to feast on the delicious flavors of the kitchen on the dining room walls.

Fun Fact: The color most Feng Shui experts say to paint a dining room is orange, or have a photo with oranges to bring good luck and appetite. I’ve always struggled with this concept and mostly because I am taking the advice too literally. However, using a spice colored tone is a perfect solution to bring the warmth of orange, inspire the appetite and create a warm inviting environment for dining as a family, and with friends.

Dunn-Edwards Arts And Crafts color

3. On Exterior of the House

This same Arts and Crafts color by Dunn-Edwards is also remarkable on the exterior siding of a house. And it gives a gorgeous accent with a grey painted on the main body, and black doors as shown below.

Dunn-Edwards Arts and Crafts color

Or you may love the natural color so much you paint the body of your house Arts and Crafts and the let the stone colors be on the roof and stone details, and trimming and windows pop in white as shown below.

Dunn-Edwards Arts and Crafts color

Behr has a sand inspired color that is beautiful with the white and black decor. You can paint the house body, or again siding in this Basswood color shown below.

House body, Behr Basswood, and Trim Whisper White

4. On Bedroom Walls

Something True, Something Blue

Since the time humans could reach the oceans, the feeling of security and anchoring from the vast depths of the deep blue brought quietness and deep reflection.

Valspar’s Mountain River is another one of my favorite colors for a powder room, small bathroom, or a bedroom to bring that tranquil feeling as you rest in that space.

Valspar Mountain River color
Bathroom Paint color Behr Marquee Deep Breath designed & photo by Tiffany Nguyen Sanctuary Interior Design & Bath

A deep, warm blue of Ocean Abyss by Behr creates a dramatic oasis for a relaxing retreat. Especially with light sand tones in the wall decor, rugs and bedding, and white furniture, windows, and curtains accented with lighting and accents of gold! Shown below. This is a beautiful color for the Bohemian Glam decor style.

Behr walls Ocean Abyss, ceiling Whisper White

A softer approach to your bedroom would be Laurel Leaf by Better Homes and Gardens through Walmart. It brings in the neutral features of nature into a room full of white and black and wicker. As shown below.

Green bedroom Laurel Leaf Better Homes and Gardens

Dunn-Edwards Arts and Crafts grounds a bedroom bringing it warmth, earth, and comfort. With its rich wooden echoes, it is a sophisticated backdrop for a glamorous and Urban style. As shown below.

Dunn-Edwards Arts And Crafts

5. Curb Appeal on the Front Door

The curb appeal of your home increases it’s value by 7% or more. Your investment would benefit from a facelift by painting your front door. Plants, lighting and siding play supporting roles in the home’s facelift. Behr’s Breezeway (shown below) is a fresh and coastal color that will give the most stunning first impression.

Behr Color of the year 2022 Breezeway
Where do you wish to paint green??


6. Make the Home Office Innovative

Amid the migration last year from office buildings to working from home, it’s important now more than ever to create an inspiring, grounding, and sharp environment for your home office. Color plays a major role in our psychology. And the soft green color evokes nature and stimulates creativity. Benjamin Moore has a color to do just that, October Mist. Shown below.

Benjamin Moore October Mist

Grey Suit by Valspar (shown below) gives a work space some masculine energy to get tasks done. I love the wood logs in this picture, and it reminds me that home offices do not always have their own room. Sometimes you must work in a dining room looking at the living room. The paint in your office, may actually be painting your living room. And what a beautiful view of a fireplace, stone, and nature elements to inspire your work!

Valspar Grey Suit 2022 color of year collection

For a fresh and bright feeling of sunshine and morning mist Behr’s Breezeway (shown below) is cool and inspires the ocean’s very own sea glass to help you rumble and churn out the job at hand.

Behr Breezeway in office is sea inspired

7. Don’t Forget the Ceilings

A surface that is left as an after thought is the ceiling. However, what they don’t tell you is that the color of a ceiling can be dramatically impactful. As a designer, I appreciate this fact, and use it often in my designs. In a project shown below, I used a dark blue/black to give the illusion of a expansive ceiling in the soffit.

Dove Canyon Project photo & design by Tiffany Nguyen OC Sanctuary Interior Design & Bath

Painting a ceiling white is the default, and usually allows a room to remain neutral. However, when you paint a ceiling a deep blue/black, or charcoal it expands the ceiling, as a mind trick. Sherwin Williams 2022 Color Palette’s Iron Ore is a color to aim for. A great place to apply this would be in a bedroom, a hallway, or a sitting room. Anywhere there is a soffit, go bold! as we did in this project we designed in Dove Canyon, California.

Ceiling Behr Marquee Deep Breath Walls Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray photo and design of Harry Potter kids bedroom by Tiffany Nguyen Sanctuary Interior Design & Bath

I also installed a dark ceiling in my daughter’s Harry Potter themed bedroom. It made the room with all the details so magical!

Life is boring without color

Life is boring without color, so why play it safe and do everything white and beige? I know you see Pinterest photos and Instagram photos of spaces all beige, and it’s appealing. That may be the way for you. However, if you are ready to go on an adventure and deepen your senses in your space, then apply these ideas to your own home. And share them with me! Post your projects on Social Media and tag us on IG @sanctuary.oc.interiors and use the hashtag #ocsib

Huntington Beach Project photo & design by Tiffany Nguyen OC Sanctuary Interior Design & Bath
Dove Canyon Project photo & design by Tiffany Nguyen OC Sanctuary Interior Design & Bath

That concludes our how to incorporate nature, the color trends of 2022, in your home blog.

We wish you a smooth and stress free project.

Where do you wish to paint a nature tone? Comment below. And ask any questions as well!

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Tiffany Nguyen
Author & Designer

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Tiffany Nguyen is a mom of two, business partner with Kim Nguyen, her husband, and Interior Designer at OC Sanctuary Interior Design & Bath. As a homeowner she understands the importance of keeping your investment in good condition. She loves Coastal Farmhouse Chic style, writing about home renovation and interior design, and living a family oriented, healthy, and grateful life.

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