How to Decorate: Chic Farmhouse Style Bedroom Ideas

Do you need inspiration to design your bedroom in the farmhouse style? We got ideas for you! In addition, we have sited where to buy all the items we found to put together the design board. It’s just a little taste of how we help our clients design a gorgeous home they can call their Sanctuary.

This is the second of many How to Decorate Series where I will pick an inspirational style and room and put together a design board to show you how you can decorate in it just like a pro. In addition to this blog I have included this board in the February edition 2022 E-Magazine.

“Let your dreams be wings”

— Tiffany Nguyen

As I wrote in my 10 Need to know Interior Design Trends for 2022 Blog, that farmhouse style is going to trend strong this year. Don’t miss out on those current trends in that blog. You must read that post after you read this.

Since it is trending I had to kick off this series with the Farmhouse Chic Style. And I am showing you how to design a chic farmhouse style bedroom. To pull this look together, I have been inspired by Vintage French style, Farm House style, and a bit of Feminine Chic.

Follow us on Pinterest! To view this in detail, the board and items are listed below.

1. Design Board

A comprehensive design includes all the functions, aesthetics, and textures of the space. The bedroom is no exception. Just because it serves as a place to sleep does not mean it should be less pretty. On the contrary, for a full nights sleep one needs a calm and harmonious environment to unwind in and rest the stressors of the day away.

How to decorate a sophisticated Farm House Style Bedroom designed by Tiffany Nguyen Sanctuary

I hope you will love this series of boards as I show you how to decorate a farm house style bedroom that is chic and elegant. And I hope you enjoy the full sleep article written in the E-Magazine sharing all the sleep tips in order to get a full healing nights sleep.

I love this look and I think we can agree it is beautiful, elegant, and graceful.

“Dream incubation is the review of your dreams and the intentions to allow them to help you process your complicated emotions and thoughts.”
-Tiffany Nguyen Feb. 2022 Sanctuary Interiors Magazine- issue 1. tranquility
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2. Where to find the selections

I went to my go to favorite online vendors, Wayfair, and Restoration Hardware, and found a few new ones! Here they are.


  • Walls – Sherwin Williams SW7005 Pure White (for white walls) SW7036 Accessible Beige (for a bit more color) Finish Flat, Low Sheen, or Eggshell (easier to clean marks off of Eggshell) or SW7029 Agreeable Gray
  • Anchor Wall with bed on it SW 7047 Porpoise flat/eggshell
  • Carpet – Shaw Soothing Surround in color Desert View
  • Ceiling detail – Stikwood Reclaimed Pine Sand Stone
  • Fabric on bed or chair in room a Classic Linen Weave
Neutral Earthy color scheme grounds this sophisticated bedroom. designed by Sanctuary Interior Design & Bath

Continuing how to decorate farmhouse style with an elegant chic twist in your bedroom. Choose from what we found below and let it being your spring board off into your creative process.


Lamps Plus link

Ceiling chandelier: flush mount Lamps Plus

Side Table lamp Arhaus

Bed Frame – Maison Fabric Panel Bed with Footboard by RH in Antiqued Grey Oak

Bed Frame – Restoration Hardware

Counter/Bar Stool – Hillsdale Counter and Barstool by Kelly Clarkson Home

Wall Art

Wall Decor Arhaus
Wall Decor Wayfair

A bend at the foot of the bench adds detail, function and aesthetics. I love the tufted look to break up the straights lines and give a nod to the European traditional influence in the “chic” part of this style. This bench from Wayfair is perfect, however, know that it is shorter than average, standing at 16″. So it works with a platform bed as shown in the image below.

End of bed bench Wayfair

The bench from Restoration Hardware is a far more accessible height at 19″.

Bedding is by far the most important accent detail to make a room look well designed, or not quite right. And I understand we all have particular textures of blankets we prefer to touch our skin and snuggle up to. This is why I love duvet covers or coverlets. They allow for the cohesiveness of design while concealing the intimacies of our textural preferences.

wayfair bedding
Bungalow Rose Tufted Coverlet or Wayfair Bedding
West Elm Worn Velvet Curtain Panels in Alabaster

Curtain Rod – When looking for a curtain rod keep it within the brass, gold, or black iron finishes like this one by West Elm.

Or you wish to up the quality and body of your window dressings that will function to cover the window when closed? Reach out to us to design custom window curtains for you!

Zentique Abstract Paper Wall Art
House of Hampton Double Tulip Art
Pretty as Peony

Wall Art – You may choose a textured abstract like this if you have a small wall, two stacked on top of each other. And or you may wish to do a large wall art to fill a big wall. The size will vary but approximately 47″ w x 35″ h. Art is such a personal choice, you could choose a botanical, a sepia field of grass, or a beautiful nature photo you took on one of your vacations.

Wallpaper – And if you wish to add more movement and color. Adding botanical wallpaper to a focal point wall would bring life and depth to the space. When done tastefully, adding wallpaper adds a scale of sophistication and attention to detail that elevates your farm house style room’s decor into chic. Additionally installing wainscoting to the bottom half of your wall and installing wallpaper on the top elevates a home from a simple farm house style to a polished manor.

The wall coverings I found that would be up to date, gorgeous! and add a Chic spin to the Farmhouse Style are:

Photo by u0412u043bu0430u0434u0438u043cu0438u0440 u0413u043bu0430u0434u043au043eu0432 on

Plants: Don’t forget to bring in plants to this gorgeous look!

A Fiddle Leaf Fig is a beautifully clean and bold indoor tree that thrives in warm and humid climates. You can find one at your local garden store, or check out Bloomscape.

Ficus Danielle is another beauty that reminds one of a chic topiary of Versaille, yet is easier to maintain.

Ficus Danielle Bloomscape

And a bowl of white roses in an arrangement with hydrangeas puts the elegance over the top in the center of your dining table. These can be fresh from your garden, or a silk arrangement.

No matter living or silk, there is no doubt that plants bring your space an elevated sense of tranquility and liveliness.

Bowl of white roses and hydrangea floral arrangement

That concludes our How to Decorate a Farmhouse to decorate a chic farmhouse style bedroom ideas in a stylish and sophisticated way.

We wish you a smooth and stress free project.

Most of the materials and accessories, such as tile, stone, laminate wood flooring, curtains, wall art, and silk floral arrangements can be provided at our wholesale prices plus 20%, and made custom for you by our trusted vendors. Just reach out and inquire for a quote!

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Tiffany Nguyen
Author & Designer

OCSIB Blog is for sharing design education & inspiration with you.

Tiffany Nguyen is a mom of two, business partner with her husband, and Interior Designer at OC Sanctuary Interior Design & Bath. As a homeowner she understands the importance of keeping your investment in good condition. She loves Coastal Farmhouse Chic style, writing about home renovation and interior design, and living a family oriented, healthy, and grateful life.

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